Local Indicative Voting

Hullo, yes, it’s me again.

“I want my loyal readers to consider my latest idea, well, Theresa’s actually. I’m introducing indicative voting so that I can gauge the feelings you have for my re-election manifesto.

“I said we Conservatives would scrap the Labour Local Plan. Please indicate your response now”.

Response; Labour have scrapped their own Local Plan

“Really? I didn’t know that. Shall we move on to my next indicative vote? We will eliminate potholes. Please indicate your response now”.

“What! Haven’t they repaired it yet? I never see these things, I live in Halsall. I must set my satnav for Aughton”.

Shall we move on quickly to my next indicative initiative?

“Fewer councillors. I want to cut the number. Please indicate where you think there should be less councillors”.

Response, “5 less, 3 in Aughton & Downholland and 2 in Aughton Park”.

“But that would mean I wouldn’t have a seat. Nor would Mrs Wally! This isn’t such a good idea after all”.

2 thoughts on “Local Indicative Voting

  1. Jan Lennon

    I’m pretty certain, on the initiative of Labour Group, the process of reviewing the number of councillors required for our West Lancashire communities is already approved and referred to the appropriate body.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      It does. It could have happened years ago, but Wally changed his mind about it on the same day some years ago. Probably because he was told to! Now, having led his local party into a minority he’s clutching at straws again.


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