Wacky Races Wacky Response From Wacky LCC

In the ongoing fight for calm and law abiding driving on Long Lane, Aughton, MP Rosie Cooper elicited a response from Lancashire County Council that is claimed to border on total misconception of the threats to life and limb due to speeding and inconsiderate driving behaviour.


Campaigners discover there are many flaws in the LCC letter that suggest very strongly LCC/the writer does not accept or understand the problem here on Long Lane. This, below, is Long Lane’s response.

1. Paragraph 2 – LCC is referencing incorrect data. LCC/the writer is basing the “accident rate” on Long Lane according to Police records despite us clearly explaining that people only report a small fraction of accidents to the police, demonstrating that the Police records are not representative of the actual situation.

2. Paragraph 2 – LCC is getting data confused. LCC/the writer goes on to acknowledge the residents have provided an alternative, comprehensive set of data THAT SPANS THE PAST 5 YEARS WHICH IS THEREFORE VERY CURRENT (copy below) that he states is out of date! He appears to have become confused over the fact that separately we pointed out that whilst there has not been a fatality yet in the past 5 years, historically there have been several.

3. Paragraph 3 – The writer is contradicting himself. We note in paragraph 2 LCC/the writer states that “Traffic surveys between 2014 and 2017 also show that the number of vehicles on the road are in line with other similar roads in the area” then, in paragraph 3 the writer states “Given Long Lane forms part of the secondary distributor road network traffic volumes will always be higher than surrounding lower classification local access roads” – so which is it higher or lower than similar low class roads?

4. Paragraph 4 – LCC oversight of the Fiduciary Duty of Safety. LCC/the writer acknowledges the Highways Agency’s responsibility to maintain the highway network and provide traffic management measures, it appears he is attempting to close off the deficiencies in the duty of care we highlighted however, what is lacking, blatantly still is the safety. We are certain of course, this is merely an oversight derived from ‘LCC/the writer is referencing incorrect data’ & ‘LCC/the writer is getting data confused’ as described in (1) and (2) above.

5. Paragraph 6 – LCC dismisses physical obstacles and offers no alternative. LCC/the writer has dismissed chicanes as appropriate speed reduction obstacles for valid reason and in fact this is in line with the residents view (see the 23rd Jan email below) albeit for a different rationale. What he did not do, notably, was offer up an alternative which the residents have – a pair of speed humps. Why did he not suggest an alternative?

6. Paragraph 7 – LCC wants to proceed with vanity signage and markings. We’ve presented research that unequivocally indicates vanity solutions (dragon’s teeth, smiley faces etc.) have little effect on speeding.

>The residents have unanimously attested and provided evidence of the attitude of the drivers that frequent Long Lane that demonstrate speeding drivers are hardly the sort of upstanding members of society that pay any heed to signage or markings – just consequences if they exist for their actions.

>There are road markings and dragons teeth in the adjoining Scarth Hill Lane. EVERY SINGLE RESIDENT on that stretch will depose any assertion that they make a blind bit of difference to the short transition onto Long Lane. None. The only thing that works for them is parking all their cars on the carriageway as a physical obstruction.

LCC/the writer believes these vanity introductions will be effective, despite contradictory evidence. We want real solutions.

7. Paragraph 8 – LCC acknowledges there is a speeding problem (June 2017) but does not explain why nearly 2 years on nothing has been done….

8. Paragraph 9 – LCC/the writer hopes he has provided assurance Quote “we are proactively trying to ensure a …safe highway network for all our residents”. Well, it does not look like that from the perspective of the residents of Long Lane. 

Sorry Rosie, but this is not indicating the required solution is forthcoming, this is dismissive, deficient, distressing. We would like this case properly looked at and reviewed or otherwise investigated by an independent external party. Failing that, a court of law.

To facilitate the required solution, we do invite LCC/the writer to partake in some prime-time viewing of traffic conditions on Long Lane. Ringside seats for a viewing of Wacky Races are available from 7.30am through to 7.00pm Mon to Sat. Some of the headline acts on the 30mph Lane include the 50-70mph+ lesser spotted BMW’s and the more common 45mph+ Urban Tractors driven by determined school mothers.

Now, if he is a real thrill seeker and wants to play car roulette

he could engage in a round of ‘trying to cross the road’ or even partake in the residents favourite game of ’chicken’ that is attempting to reverse off a drive, or, even, play ‘dice-with-death’ that entails attempting to get in the driver side door from the road. I would suggest a morning of that would convince him of the danger that is present and the risk to safety on a daily basis here and swiftly return to his office as white as sheet after his field trip and sign off a purchase order for some speed humps.

Look forward to his visit, make sure the writer has an up-to-date comprehensive life insurance policy.

Yours sincerely,
Long Lane, Aughton

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