The Need For More Independent Councillors

Our West Lancashire claims

“We need more Independents on West Lancs Council – Councillors who will put residents first and foremost. We already have two.

“With elections looming at the beginning of May, we must grasp the opportunity to make a positive impact on the future of West Lancashire. Your vote really counts this time.

“We’re fielding candidates in Ormskirk, Bickerstaffe, and once again in Skelmersdale South. Last year, two OWLs missed out by only tens of votes – so your vote really matters in 2019.

“7 of the 11 current Labour councillors up for re-election have seemingly abandoned a sinking ship and decided to call it a day. Let’s get some more Independent’s representing YOU on West Lancashire Borough Council – not agendas dictated from London”.

4 thoughts on “The Need For More Independent Councillors”

  1. I’m one of the Labour councillors leaving an alleged sinking ship, I just didn’t realise it was sinking. So maybe I’m not leaving because of work and family commitments. It must be for the reasons you state. Maybe when my work and family commitments lesson I will stand as a councillor again, maybe even an independent.
    Hold on,,,,,,I’m not I’m not an ex-conservative councillor who made over 600 staff redundant, shut a sports centre and outsourced the leisure contract which has overseen the fiasco of landfill at the beacon country park. I also didn’t approve hundreds of student lets in Ormskirk, and I wasn’t to blame for the 1/2 million pound fraud in housing under conservative control. Oh and I didn’t get stabbed in the back by conservative leader westley and Co,
    So I have zero chance of standing as an independent councillor in West Lancs.

    1. Well, that’s a rather large dose of cynicism Chris? Why don’t you just write an article about the issues that seem to be afflicting the Labour council today, not what happened years ago to other people and parties. And since you seem to know so much about the fiasco of landfill at Beacon Park Golf Course, not the Beacon Country Park, why didn’t Labour do something about it as soon as they, you, came to power? It just carried on, dumping so much it now needs the course to be altered because nobody had the guts to order Serco/Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd to move it off! Why won’t this Labour council ensure an audit of the landfill royalties and the VAT on 23,375 loads of landfill takes place?

  2. One day, I may or may not write an article about the ICE team and the ice cream men! The Labour group may be weak in spin and fake news, the conservatives and independents appear to be masters of it. What would you really rather have? Honesty or lies and false hope?

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