Clueless Beyond Belief

The clueless Conservative HQ

has made an embarrassing U-turn on a mass email saying Britain will be taking part in European Parliament elections on May 23, with Clueless party chairman Brandon Lewis now insisting this was still only a last resort.

Clueless Mrs May has insisted for months she does not want Britain to take part in the EU elections and as recently as last week said she wanted to avoid it. But an email to Tory candidates earlier this evening said ‘Due to the current situation we will be contesting the European Elections on 23 May 2019 and the closing date for nominations is 24 April.’

In subsequent comments Lewis rowed back on the remarks, saying the Government still intended to leave with a deal before the elections. He said ‘The Government’s clear policy is to leave the EU with a deal and for the necessary legislation to pass before 22 May so that the UK does not need to participate in European Parliamentary elections.

‘However, if the UK had not ratified the Withdrawal Agreement and were still a Member State of the European Union on 23 May, we would be under a legal obligation to hold the elections.

‘With the closing date for the nominations on 24 April, it is clear that we need to make contingency plans as a Part in the event of these elections going ahead. This is why Gareth Fox emailed you earlier today to outline how we ensure we are prepared for any eventuality’. Running the EU/national election will cost the taxpayer at least £100million and force political parties to spend millions more on campaign materials. They needn’t bother!

Germany’s former European commissioner

has lashed out at Brussels for pushing Britain into an impossible position on Brexit, while three of the country’s top economic think tanks have called for a radical change in the EU’s negotiating strategy.

“Brussels has taught us a lesson in how not to deal with a member state that wants to leave. The problem is not on the British side. The problem is on the EU side,” said Günter Verheugen, Germany’s veteran ex-commissioner.

He told ARD’s Anne Will show in Berlin that the EU’s negotiating team had made a strategic misjudgement, missed the larger issues at stake and should not try to dictate terms fundamentally unacceptable to London. “We’re not losing a member state, we’re losing the weight of 20 member states. We therefore have an interest that we remain the closest possible allies”.

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