Beware, Your Sins Will Find You Out

MPs must respect the referendum result even if it leads to hard Brexit, said Yvette Cooper.

Labour MPs should respect the result of the EU referendum even if the outcome is a hard Brexit, according to Yvette Cooper, MP for Pontefract and Castleford. She was speaking at the Mile End Institute, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) on 20 January 2017. Filmed!

Ms Cooper said she is concerned that the UK may “become a country that no longer respects democratic values” if MPs work to frustrate the result of the referendum”.

Speaking to Philip Cowley, Professor of Politics at QMUL and Director of the Mile End Institute, Ms Cooper said “We didn’t go into the referendum saying ‘I want you to vote remain but to be honest no matter how you vote I’m going to ignore you’. It was fought in good faith and nobody said ‘well you know what, I’m just not going to respect the result afterwards’ – that’s the kind of thing that Donald Trump says.”

She added “I don’t see how I could go out there and say ‘it’s so important to stand up for democratic votes’ and then say ‘but there’s this democratic vote we just had, that I never said I wasn’t going to respect, and I’m not going to respect it now”.

Hypocrisy, pure and simple! 

2 thoughts on “Beware, Your Sins Will Find You Out

  1. stodgey

    What is utterly gobsmacking is that in her constituency, the majority to leave was 70%. SEVENTY PERCENT! And yet, she feels perfectly mandated to team up with the gormless pillock that is Oliver Letwin to flash through a bill, specifically designed to frustrate the process. Shameful.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Well, let’s face it, if you watch the parliamentary performances, displaying gormlessness is the hallmark of the majority of parliamentarians. Coupled with the example shown by the speaker, vacuous, is it any wonder we despair?


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