Maghull Eyes Links To West Lancashire?

Unrest in Lydiate and Maghull?

Perhaps news to us, but it seems that some residents of Lydiate recently suggested that a referendum on joining West Lancashire should be considered. And, now, the same proposal is being suggested for Maghull too!

Letters to the Aintree & Maghull Champion pursue the ideas, which are worrying some councillors. The truth is, apparently, Maghull’s historical and cultural links are much closer to Lancashire than they are to Liverpool.

And many of the town’s elderly residents fondly remember Maghull under Lancashire, in contrast to Sefton. The letter refers to maghull’s rural feel more comparable to Ormskirk than Bootle, where Sefton Council spends £millions on a bootle shopping centre while the Maghull Square continues its sad, unnecessary decline.

Lydiate Parish Hall

Perhaps if Maghull joined West Lancashire we would have another chance to prevent the building of 1,500+ homes on our greenbelt. Food for thought! Ah, a motive?

But, beware, the elderly residents of Maghull and Lydiate have free off peak rail travel, which they would lose in miserly Lancashire/West Lancashire!

2 thoughts on “Maghull Eyes Links To West Lancashire?”

  1. As part of the LCR, Maghull and Lydiate residents can apply for “fast tags” for the Mersey tunnels at a discounted rate of £1.00 instead of the normal £1.80 charge whilst us contributing “associate” members of West Lancashire cannot.

    1. Well spotted. Maghull and Lydiate benefit from the vast £billions poured into City and Metropolitan Councils denied to us that enable services to be run a) for residents and b) for outsourced rail providers like Merseyrail/Serco/Arbellio and their shareholders.

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