An Evenly Split Commons?

John Redwood MP

“There are many leave voters now who are extremely angry that some Members in this House think they were stupid, think they got their decision wrong, and think they should have to do it again.

“Yesterday the Commons by a majority of one on the Speaker’s casting vote rejected the idea that we need another day of indicative votes . The last time we did this we were only offered Remain options and rejected them all .

“Then it voted by a majority of one to approve a bill requiring the government to ask for an unspecified delay in Brexit. In so doing the Commons showed its contempt for the referendum and for the clear feeling in the country that they want Brexit over.

“Parliament and the EU has wasted three years now from the decision. They tell us they have prepared for a no deal exit. It is time to just get on with it.

“There is no good reason for a delay. There is no obvious compromise between Leave and Remain. For 47 years we have lived with Remain with nothing offered to us who wanted out. You are either in or out. Many successful countries who trade a lot with the EU are out”.

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