Rosie Cooper Thanks Supportive MPs

Rosie Cooper thanks MPs for murder trial support

There are moving scenes in the Commons as Labour’s Rosie Cooper thanks colleagues for all the support she has received over the past two years.

The Labour MP was the target of an attempted murder plot by a Neo-Nazi activist and convicted paedophile. She also thanks the Hope Not Hate anti-racism organisation for helping to bring the perpetrator to justice.

In response, Commons Speaker John Bercow said the MP has shown “a level of courage and fortitude that others can only dream of”. He said MPs will not be cowed by “fascistic bile”. Bercow said the House had “enormous respect and admiration” for their colleague.

He added “She has displayed courage and fortitude of which many people and probably most of us can only dream. In the most harrowing of circumstances, faced with an explicit and very real threat to her life from neo-Nazis, she has not wilted for a second.

“She has defended her own rights, she’s defended the rights of her constituents, she’s defended the rights of all her colleagues and she’s defended the rights of Parliament as an institution. By this sort of poisonous fascistic bile we will not be cowed, and the sooner the purveyors of hate, of fascism, of Nazism, of a death cult, realise that the better. I salute the honourable lady and I know others will do so too”.

Jeremy Corbyn and Commons leader Andrea Leadsom also paid tribute to Ms Cooper, who receives a round of applause from MPs.

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