Change Britain? Sure, Elect Some Honest MPs?

Last night, Tory MP Nick Boles, Grantham 61% leave, voted for a second referendum. “For confirmatory referendum: Holding a public vote to confirm any withdrawal agreement agreed by Parliament (Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson’s proposal – 280 votes for, 292 against)”

Only a few weeks ago he promised “I will never vote for one”. He had said “A second referendum would deepen divisions and increase cynicism about the honesty and competence of politicians. I will never vote for one”.

Promise broken!

It’s reported that Liverpool City Council wants to show its appreciation and gratitude for Boles’ honesty(!) by recalling his record, including voting 12 times to reduce housing benefit and voting for the “bedroom tax”, by installing this statue 

in Liverpool Museum. It’s probably a load of bollocks!

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