Rosie Cooper MP Votes Tonight

Rosie Cooper (West Lancashire, Labour)

Voting record on the following Brexit proposals:

For Customs union: Seeking a UK-wide customs union with the EU (Ken Clarke’s proposal – 273 votes for, 276 against)

Against Common Market 2.0: Remaining in the European single market and seeking a temporary customs union with the EU (Nick Boles’s proposal – 261 votes for, 282 against)

Against Confirmatory referendum: Holding a public vote to confirm any withdrawal agreement agreed by Parliament (Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson’s proposal – 280 votes for, 292 against)

Against Parliamentary supremacy: Power for MPs to block leaving with no-deal by cancelling Brexit if EU won’t grant a further extension beyond 12 April (Joanna Cherry’s proposal – 191 votes for, 292 against)

NB Voted (aye) to hold indicative Brexit votes later that day, and propose the same on Wednesday 3rd April (division #396; result was 322 aye, 277 no)

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