Lies Being Told Door To Door About A Pothole

Hullo, it’s me again

reminding you I need your vote to re-elect me in May. As the well known expert on lies being told door to door in Aughton, reported and recorded for posterity in the 

I just wanted to put the record straight about the Town Green pothole. It’s all because of a misunderstanding!

First of all, lies are being told door to door about the Granville Park/Co-op pavement “ever deepening” pothole, because it’s strong and stable, just like me and Theresa May!

As is well known, our policy on potholes is “ignore them and they might go away”. Didn’t I say so only last month?

But some people don’t accept that policy. You know, because I told you, so it must be true, that the Conservatives at Lancashire County Council prioritise the pothole problem inherited from the previous Labour Administration. OK, I admit we didn’t inherit the Town Green pothole, it’s appeared after May 2017.

Just because the pothole still isn’t repaired doesn’t mean it won’t be, it probably, and I write that with confidence, will be by 2nd of May when I need your votes. 

PS I’m not saying this just because it’s 1st April, I’m always writing stuff like this”.

Regards, Wally 

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