MPs’ Rising Expenses

An investigation by the Sunday Times

showed that MPs are claiming 22 per cent more in expenses than they did 10 years ago. Many readers will recall that the Taxpayers Alliance was at the forefront of exposing the MPs expenses scandal and pushed for full disclosure.

Findings show that for 2017/18, MPs claimed a total £116 million in taxpayer funded expenses.

Rosie Cooper West Lancashire claimed

from 1 Oct 2017 to 30 Sep 2018, £142,210.42 for 110 items claimed, that’s £24,691 below the average claim. Total Staffing budget payroll costs for the 2017-18 year of £111,226.00 were included. So we pay £1.65 per eligible voter for our MP.

MPs claimed an average of £166,901 in expenses. Commenting in the Sunday Times the Taxpayers Alliance chief executive John O’Connell expressed his concern at the findings, that “It’s deeply disappointing that 10 years on, the overall cost to taxpayers for expenses hasn’t come down. MPs should remember that every time they opt for first-class travel, or submit an expense claim for something that they really don’t need, it’s coming out of the pockets of hard-pressed families in their constituencies.”

Richard Benyon MP, Tory, Newbury, claimed for two lavatory seats at his constituency office for a total of just £17.67. No lavatorial jokes please! But that’s not a halo!


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