No Vassal State

Today’s the day to summon the spirit of Winston Churchill and say no to becoming a vassal state.

The former Bank of England Governor, Lord King

has advocated for a No Deal Brexit and dismissed Project Fear reports that jobs would be lost. Speaking to the BBC this morning, he said “My own personal preference would be to say ‘we have a clear strategy, which is we want to leave without a deal’.

“But we would like to take six months to complete the preparations to avoid the dislocation.” As to how long the preparations would need to be, he said “We’d have to take advice from the government and officials as to how long they now think it would take before our country is ready to leave without a deal.”

And in comments picked up by ITV’s Robert Peston, Lord King also made clear that “I don’t think it is obvious there would be jobs lost at all”.

He also questioned “whether the political class has suffered a collective nervous breakdown and lost confidence in the country. Common sense for an EU exit on WTO terms, a stark contrast to the ridiculous Project Fear establishment shrieks. Proper independence and a clean break with the EU is still worth fighting for”.

How little the trust is, in us!

Lisa Nandy

constituency Wigan “They will not forgive us if we go over the summer and try to reelect MEPs to a parliament we’re supposed to have left three months ago, I don’t think in this House there is enough understanding how little the trust is in us!” warns @lisanandy, whose constituency voted 63% leave.

2 thoughts on “No Vassal State

  1. stodgey

    Every (mostly Remain MP) interviewed after the vote today was like a dog with two tails. It’s clear they think that on Monday the stitch up will be complete when Letwin & co vote in another vote/revocation/ever closer alignment clauses during their second indicative vote jolly on Monday. And during all the interviews, the only people those ‘honourable’ members seemed to have completely forgotten about were the poor sods, the deluded simpletons (including me) who believed that actually participating in the biggest vote ever would be respected by 650 failed lawyers.

    I concur with Mark Twain ‘If voting made any difference at all, they wouldn’t let you do it’….

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      And me too. I suspect the definition of lawyers being failed might have been “barrack room lawyers”. But they took their orders from the EU and or their connections to it. For example “If we come out, we are out. That’s it. It’s not politically credible to go back and say we’ve reconsidered, or let’s have another referendum. If we vote to stay out, then we are out, and we will have to get on with it”. John Major, speaking on the Andrew Marr show in December 2015…which turned out to be hypocrisy.


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