More Thoughts Of The Maverick

Maverick Ex MP Austin Mitchell

thinks Parliament taking control is a myth. If MP’s voted honestly there’d be a majority to revoke Article 50, and put the people back in their box. Most MPs want to put Britain’s complacent establishment back in power to continue comfortable decline.

“What a Fix. May’s deal is worse than staying, Labour’s proposal is fairyland and Parliament can’t choose between options without knowing what the EU will accept. The only way out is new leader, new proposals, new negotiations,new deal.

“The Euro is a system which keep’s Germany’s exchange rate down to boost her exports, but forces other countries to deflate to stay competitive with her. This depresses all of them because the others can then only afford to buy less of Germany’s output.

“Theresa May should resign before, not after, putting her disastrous deal again to the House. A change of leader is a valid reason for extending article fifty and an opportunity to start a tougher negotiation for a better deal.

“Tusk wants us not to betray the six million people who signed the anti Brexit petition but is keen that we should betray the seventeen million+ people who had the temerity to vote to leave. The EU doesn’t like democracy.

“Now we know it. Democratic votes are only valid if they’re what the establishment and its backing group, the EU, want. Otherwise they’re the result of ignorance, lies, misinformation and simple prejudice and must be reversed”.


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