WLBC Devco

Recalling what WLBC Cllr John Bullock

wrote about, and we published on 12 March, the “decision by the Group as recommended by the Portfolio for Housing Cllr Jenny Forshaw Skelmersdale North was simply a transfer of assets from the Council to a private limited entity with no Councillor control.

“It perhaps was put more succinctly by the portfolio holder herself, “I don’t have to be the cleverest in the class”, which was then supplanted by Cllr Neil Fury again Skelmersdale North who went on say, “we don’t need to be clever we have Officers for that”.

“If they cannot run a private limited company with an anticipated turnover of £45M (Council funds over 5years) how can they run a complex organisation as a Council with a turnover in the tens of millions annually?”

It doesn’t take too long to find Local Authority forays, disastrous in extremis, into house building companies.

“Brick By Brick”

Croydon, in nearly four years has received £262million of public funding, has yet to complete a single new house, now asking for another £78million loan. Yet Croydon hasn’t built any social housing , not one, for 6 years.

Acivico, Birmingham City Council,

spiraling into massive debt. The council has “thrown £millions at this building and facilities management services firm”. No profit, in the red by £14.2million. There is now “a live investigation into governance failures and a five strong company board of three councilors and two non-execs, none of whom has any prior experience in the building services industry”. 

Dire warnings, John Bullock is right to be wary!

2 thoughts on “WLBC Devco

  1. Adrian Owens

    …and yet our council agreed a £20million loan facility. Far in excess of what the business plan required. Only OWL sought to clip the borrowing wings though several Labour councillors abstained rather than support their own group.


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