How Rosie Cooper Voted

Rosie Cooper-Voting record on the following Brexit proposals

Against No-deal: Leaving the EU on 12 April without a deal (John Baron’s proposal – 160 for, 400 against)

Against Common Market 2.0: Remaining in the European single market and seeking a temporary customs union with the EU (Nick Boles’ proposal – 188 for, 283 against)

Against EFTA and EEA: Remaining in the European single market but not forming a customs union with the EU (George Eustice’s proposal – 65 for, 377 against)

For Customs union: Seeking a UK-wide customs union with the EU (Ken Clarke’s proposal – 264 for, 272 against)

For Labour’s alternative plan: Negotiating changes to the withdrawal agreement so that it includes protections to workers’ rights, a permanent customs union, and close alignment to the single market (Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal – 237 for, 307 against)

Against Revoke Article 50: Cancelling Brexit if the UK gets within days of leaving the EU without a deal (Joanna Cherry’s proposal – 184 for, 293 against)

Against Second referendum: Holding another public vote to confirm any withdrawal agreement agreed by Parliament (Margaret Beckett’s proposal – 268 for, 295 against)

Against Standstill arrangement: Seeking a tariff-free trade agreement with the EU that will last for two years, during which time Britain will contribute to the EU budget (Marcus Fysh’s proposal – 139 for, 422 against)

4 thoughts on “How Rosie Cooper Voted

  1. stodgey

    FGS, let me get this straight – tonight, she voted against no deal, for Clarke’s proposal (softest of the soft) – and Jezza’s proposal; (vaguest of the vague)………. And yet, back in the day, she voted for the referendum and for Article 50 to be triggered. Presumably, she knew the referendum may have been lost and that in voting for Article 50, she was aware that ‘no deal’ was the end game in the bill.

    Any wonder the public think politicians are a bunch of no-honour freeloaders?

  2. localpoliticswatcher

    ..and voted to scrub March 29 as Brexit day. 105 principled MPs voted to give us our Freedom tomorrow.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Freedom…now merely a dream, not reality, for the 17,410,742 biggest ever vote. At the local elections in May, I will write “Brexit” on my ballot paper in Tory-ridden Aughton & Downholland.


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