Tory Leadership Contender?

One likely contender for the Tory leadership

if Theresa May is forced out, P45 time, is apparently Work & Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd, of whom we already think, oh my gawd! As a newspaper reports today, her wafer-thin 346 majority in her Hastings constituency is a serious impediment to her chances.

It’s why she’s been linked to the neighbouring Mid Sussex seat

“Tory majority 19,673 but sitting MP Sir Nicholas Soames has dismissed the talk of her taking over with a characteristic “balls”. So what should we make of the fact Rudd was spotted at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds’ reserve Minsmere?

“It’s in the Suffolk Coastal constituency, Tory majority 16,000. Coincidentally, Rudd was the guest speaker at the Suffolk Coastal Conservatives annual dinner last October.

“Current MP Therese Coffey was seriously ill last year and had an emergency brain operation after an ear infection went ‘disastrously wrong’. If Coffey stands down, will the good folk of East Suffolk (who voted 60 per cent in favour of leaving the EU) want arch-remainer Rudd parachuted in?

“A typical constituency view is ‘We don’t want another ‘blow-in’ (non-local).’ This is a reference to their current MP being a Liverpudlian. More opposition to Rudd came from a visitor to the Minsmere bird reserve. He cheekily likened her to her ornithological namesake, the Ruddy Duck”.

Incidentally, having already shown our very own preening, but useless to Town Green local councillor, with Rudd, it seems not to have been the first time they met.

People will be talking! He has a history of “who can I be seen with” pics. Vanity perhaps?

4 thoughts on “Tory Leadership Contender?

  1. wlbcarepants

    The same Amber Rudd that recently resigned in disgrace following scandals? Those Tories are bad news.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      The very same. But, you know something, there are crooks all over the HoC and Lords too. Westminster is the club that looks after its cronies. How is it that HoC crooks end up in the Lords? Because they could tell stories, you know, nudge nudge, wink wink!

      1. wlbcarepants

        True, there’s no such thing as ‘disgrace’ in the Establishment. Peter Mandelson is a sterling example- how many times was he given the boot, only to be allowed to slither back when the dust settled, and look where he is now. No that place is a real cesspit, one where the Tories can ‘lose’ paedophile dossiers of their own colleagues.

      2. westlancashirerecord Post author

        The House of Lords is such a disgrace, being unelected yet having power over us. Failed and criminal MPs end up there. The only decent thing left is for somebody to have the balls to say we must change the constitution, drain the swamp, and elect an upper chamber. Will they? Does a turkey vote for Christmas?

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