Sunday Gossip

Common Market 2.0, Aka Britain As An EU Colony

The plan allegedly favoured by the Commons is the worst of all worlds. ‘It’s s*** or bust now’, or

“How Tories can get rid of Theresa May next week”.

Senior Brexiteers are touting Nicky Morgan the pro-EU former education secretary as a potential successor to Theresa May. Several influential pro-Leave MPs have privately suggested that Morgan could be well-placed to stand as a “unity” candidate who could take over the Brexit negotiations and leadership of the Conservatives. They did? Oh my gawd!

The remarks follow her role in drawing up the so-called Malthouse Compromise for Brexit, along with a coalition of staunch Brexiteers and senior MPs who campaigned to remain in the EU.

Morgan was a strong supporter of the Remain campaign, but has warned “The abiding mood in the country is ‘Get on with it’ and patience on all sides is running out”. Goodness me, she’s sharp!

Over to Denis Skinner, the Bolsover Beast

Mrs May is a very modest woman. In fairness she has a lot to be modest about.


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