Join Stalin And Hitler, Vote Remain

Lancashire County Councillor Paul Greenall has proved the “Revoke Article 50” petition is a sham and a scam.

He tweeted “Utterly ridiculous and wide open to abuse. Last night I signed it as Joseph Stalin with a made up post code, tonight as Adolf Hitler with another made up post code. Both times it’s been accepted! #NotFitForPurpose”.

Never a thought in the minds of these remoaners that 17,410,742 leavers have any democratic rights to believe their vote was legally determined by the law of the land. 

Meanwhile, the local West Lancashire Conservative party candidate for Aughton & Downholland, Wally Westley, mentions a few national issues, like the “Conservative Government has provided money for a Business Rate Discount Scheme for retailers, and money for potholes, but remains silent on how his party colleague and Prime Minister Theresa May

has shafted Brexit! I suppose he would, wouldn’t he?

4 thoughts on “Join Stalin And Hitler, Vote Remain

  1. Carol Young

    Well that’s a load of cobblers. In order to do this you would need to have multiple IP addresses as well as multiple e-mail addresses and then hang around for hours waiting for an e-mail to arrive so that you confirm your e-mail address. I suppose It could be done a second on LCC’s system, although I can’t believe that any honest politician would use the the Government’s Petition website and their time in this way. Why don’t you give it a go Alan and prove me wrong 🙂 xx

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      “Oh Carol, I am but a fool, you treat me cruel, you make me want to cry”…and all because you haven’t accepted the will of the people, you know, the 17.4million who simply want to leave the corrupt EU. As for your theory of honest politicians, is there an honest politician left in this country, you know, one who would honour the EU referendum pledge to leave?


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