Wally Westley Writes

Hullo, it’s me again.

I need your vote in May. And I want to tell you that we, the party that I’ve been dragging into oblivion, have clutched at the straw of the Labour Local Plan and we are on the march. We need to win just 8 seats in May, which, lucky for you, will restore me to my former glory as your council leader.

Of course, there have been some events that have led you to feel disappointed by my performance when I was your great leader. There was that huge faux pas when I announced plans to work with neighbouring authorities to improve economic growth. We had none!

We joined the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) as an Associate Member to help put West Lancashire in an even better position to take advantage of opportunities for skills development and the creation of new jobs. Another of my pipe dreams gone wrong, just as I was on the Skelmersdale retail jobs shambles. How was I to know?

But never mind all that

Labour’s failure is costing you £80,000 a month. When my Conservatives were in control of West Lancs Borough Council we froze Council Tax for 6 years. We cut waste and improved efficiency through joint working with other local authorities and commercial partners. We did have the government local grant support scheme but we’ll not discuss that here.

Over the last 4 years Labour have increased your council tax bill by 12%, imposed their £30 wheelie bin tax and increased fees and charges on a whole range of council services. Labour are having to plunder the council reserves at the rate of £80,000 a month to fund an ever widening budget gap. Now, this is nothing to do with austerity, nor the government scrapping the national council tax benefit scheme. It’s Labour’s irresponsible management of the council finances that’s reminiscent of the last Labour Government and typical of the Hard Left’s approach to public finance. It’s nothing to do with our Tory government austerity programme, I promise you.

What else can I promise you?

Well, no ifs no buts, we will scrap labour’s local plan.

We will support local shops.

OK, those aren’t new shops, but never mind that. It comes a bit late to save the Spar, in my ward, but we will support existing shops, our Tory government has provided money for a Business Rate Discount Scheme for retailers. Lucky for Town Green Co-op, eh?

I mustn’t forget that we Conservatives fund bus services. We appreciate the importance of local bus services, particularly for rural communities. Despite that time when we invented social exclusion of elderly and disabled people we are again going to make viability dependent on passenger numbers. OK, I agree it’s not a social service, it must make money! That’s what we do!

Cheerio for now



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