Currie Trespassing To Deliver Litter

A friend suggested I look at the Cllr Currie twit-tweet

as he has shown himself having delivered Wally Westley election litter to my home. Sure enough, there it is, Currie trespassing…silly boy!

Currie wrote “Smashing the #torycanvass in my own ward this evening for my colleague and group leader David Westley who is up for election this May. I hope the rain holds”.

Well, personally I hope he got soaked. And let’s face it, it’s quite clear that one village, Haskayne,  was missing its idiot last night!

Reminded me Currie tweeted last February

“Out in Burscough today delivering leaflets for @Conservatives #campaign18. Coffee @BoothsCountry first naturally. If you live around here and see me do say hello/hurl some abuse. It makes me feel relevant”.

“So having asked for abuse he got some after which he tweeted “One chap just told me he would wipe his arse with my @Conservatives leaflet. I felt awful. Nobody should put up with that. Fortunately I’ve just been shopping so gifted him a roll of my Andrex aloe vera. To his credit he laughed and thanked me. Always happy to help!”

“Just confirms he’s a bum councillor then?”

And he still is!

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