Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 19, 2019

On Being Politically Two Faced?

A very perceptive view

on the Conservative Local Plan press release has been offered in our comments. “What do Cllrs O’Toole and Pope actually believe though? With their Borough hat they follow the opposition to the Labour local plan, but with their county council hat on, LCC have supported Labour’s plans saying “The broad quantum and location of the proposed growth is supported”.

“Will the real Cllrs O’Toole and Pope stand up and speak and put an end to the Conservatives facing both ways on this issue?”

Cllr John Hodson has resigned

his role as Portfolio Holder for Planning, ahead of stepping down from West Lancashire Borough Council in May, and the responsibilities have been subsumed into Cllr Ian Moran’s portfolio.

The Pilgrims’ Progress

Do you recall Lord Turn-about, Lord Time-server, Mr Smooth-man, Mr Facing-both-ways, Mr Any-thing, Mr Two-tongues? Between them, it is said, though, we can discern what is destructive; not so much fair!

“Even bad men praise consistency. When you know where to find a man, he has one good point at any rate; but a fellow who howls with the wolves and bleats with the sheep, gets nobody’s praise, unless it be the devils. To carry two faces under one hat is, however, very common. Many roost with the poultry and go shares with Reynard the Fox. I read the other day an advertisement about reversible coats; the tailor who sells them must be making a fortune. Holding with the hares and hunting with the hounds is still in fashion”.

“Others are shifty because they are so desperately fond of “good fellowship.” “Hail fellow, well met,” is their cry, be it traveller or highwayman. They are so good-natured that they must needs agree with everybody. They are cousins of Mr Anything. Their brains are in other people’s heads. If they were at Rome they would kiss the pope’s toe, but when they are at home they make themselves hoarse with shouting “No Popery.” They admire the vicar of Bray, whose principle was to be the Vicar of Bray whether the Church was Protestant or Popish. They are mere timeservers, hoping that the times may serve them. They have no backbones; you may bend them like willow wands, backwards or forwards, whichever way you please. They try to be Jack-o’-bothsides, but deserve to be kicked like a football by both parties.

“Beware of those who come from the town of Deceit, Mr. Facing-both-ways, Mr. Fair-speech and Mr. Two-tongues are neighbours who are best at a distance. Though they look one way, as boatmen do, they are pulling the other. They are false as the devil’s promises, and as cruel as death and the grave”.

That’s local politics, WLBC style?

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