NHS Contracts And Virgin Care In West Lancashire

Rosie Cooper Labour, West Lancashire, in Parliament

“The House of Commons Library recently confirmed that 26 health service contracts worth more than £128 million are currently out to tender, on the basis of legislation that NHS England recently urged the Government to repeal. Does my hon. Friend not think that private companies should be blocked from securing these contracts, and that the Government should deal with the counter- productive effect that these competition rules and powers have on the integrity of NHS care?

“There is a branch of Virgin Care in my local community. Someone who attends a podiatry appointment, for example, will be told that no qualified staff are on hand, but only people who can cut nails. It is outrageous that those people are being paid on the same basis as everyone else”.

Lyn Brown Shadow Minister (Treasury)

“My hon. Friend is absolutely right. Private companies are able to work within the structure set out in primary legislation such as the 2012 Act. The Minister said in an interview that one of the reasons why we cannot have this in a Bill is that it would be too complicated to draft [daft bugger!]. As far as I can see, however, it is quite simple. The Government should bring forward new legislation to put these reforms on a proper transparent footing with full scrutiny, and should argue for the decisions that they want to make, including decisions about openness to private contractors, if that is something that, ideologically, they want to defend.

“The Government should give the English electorate a plan that they can see and can judge for themselves. The Government should tell the electorate what they are doing with the NHS. My feeling is that their proposals are contained in an SI because they hoped that they would slip by, would not be seen and would not be judged, but I tell the Minister that he will be judged”.

Ah, the English electorate

When will England have its own dependence, its own parliament? A Scottish independence referendum was allowed by the British Government even though it could have blocked it by legal and constitutional means. Scotland’s right to self-determination has long been acknowledged, as has been its status as a nation within the UK State. It is devolved. Wales devolved on a mere 35.63% turnout!

We, England, might consider that all people, over the age of 16, living in England should vote in a Referendum on the future of England as part of the United Kingdom. The question to be put to the people of England shall be “Should England be an Independent Country?” No more Barnett formula cash paid!

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