Halsall Cllr Maureen Mills Statement

“It’s the Planning Committee I’ve resigned from not the Council.

says Halsall Cllr Maureen Mills. “Regarding my resignation from the Planning Committee, I have had substantially greater business commitments this year and that is increasing. I had come to the conclusion, supported by my family, that going forward I could not devote the necessary time to do that extremely important but time-consuming job that I have so much enjoyed. Observers will ask whether it was really a coincidence that Cabinet has passed a motion regarding the Local Plan review with which I disagreed? The answer is that it just reinforced my decision to resign.

“The Local Plan is the bedrock of planning and I will make no secret of my support for Councillor Hodson’s longer term, ambitious vision for the Borough and the broader scope of the proposed Plan. That is not to say I did not have issues with the location of the additional housing allocation for Halsall but the additional allocation was, incidentally, under review as a result of the consultation feedback as per the consultation process”. Maureen will complete her term of office.

Nobody could doubt her dedication to helping the residents of Halsall, as she attended Parish Council Meetings and made herself available to locals to assist with their problems. Maureen is also dedicated to protecting Halsall and West Lancashire from fracking.

Who can forget the bizarre intervention from Tory Cllr Wally Westley who complained about her presence on the local playing field on election day while she was legally advising people of the dangers of fracking. More police arrived than have ever been seen fighting crime in Halsall. 

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