May Or Monty Python?

The fight was a draw!

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte compared UK Prime Minister Theresa May to the Monty Python knight whose limbs get cut off in a duel, but insists to his opponent that the fight was a draw.

Elsewhere in the EU, there is less attempted humour about the situation, especially with the prospect of a lengthy delay to Brexit on the cards. “The whole point of Article 50 [which sets out the legal process for leaving the EU] is to go,” a diplomatic contact from one of the UK’s closest trading partners said.

“The UK triggered Article 50 two years ago, but it prevaricates, debates with itself and hovers around on the EU stage”.

Wrong, Mr Diplomat, it isn’t the UK that’s debating with itself. It’s the UK Remain Parliament that’s disgracing itself and a Leave vote of 17,410,742 electors. Not one of the parliamentarians ever debated their own election by simple majority. In general UK parliamentarians are hypocrites.

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