Council Tax Bill 2019/20

You’ve received your Council Tax Bill for 2019/20.

Congratulations, you’ve been legally mugged. 

The basic bill shows a Band D “Total Charge” of £1,837.20. And then you see that compared with the previous year your %age increase is 4.8. And you wonder, how can that be? For a state pensioner it is double the basic annual increase. 

LCC wants £1,250.89, + 3%. WLBC wants £203.39, +3%. LCC wants a £95.70 precept for Adult Social Care, +1%. Aughton Parish Council wants £16.29, no increase. Lancashire Fire Authority wants £69.48, +3%, and Police For Lancashire, aka the Police and Crime Commissioner, wants £201.45, +13.5%, mainly to pay for police pensions. 

We’ve not finished yet.

The Garden Waste tax is £30, per bin. And, if you want another Garden Waste Bin, you will have to buy if from WLBC, cost £25.

And, for all this loot, you receive less of every service you can think of. Think roads, sewage, floods, when did you last see a police officer, costs of proposed local plans, planning bungles such as at the Beacon Park Golf Course, Leisure Services out-sourced to Serco, less income from changed Borough car parking charges, still no reduction in the number of elected members of WLBC, the scruffy state of roundabouts and roadside verges, to name just a few. It needs to change!


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