On Useless Elected Borough Representation

Three months of Cllr inactivity 

By email 5 December 2018, me to Tory Aughton & Downholland Cllr Currie

“Good afternoon. Might you be able to visit Town Green Lane today, in particular to see the flooded pavement outside the Aughton Surgery which is entirely inaccessible other than to walk ankle deep in water? You will see the water having to by-pass a clogged gutter gulley outside the Town Green Brasserie, then being diverted onto the pavement. Elderly and disabled patients are struggling to access the surgery, as was the case with me a short while ago. Will you please ask LCC to send an inspector to a site inspection of this flooding, which is a regular occurrence. Thank you”.

This message was passed to a “colleague”. No apparent remedial activity

By email 16 January 2019, me to Cllr Currie “I refer back to my recent message that flooding outside the Town Green Brasserie due to a gutter gully being blocked was affecting the surgery entrance. I think you passed it on to a colleague. Nothing has changed, the gutter is blocked and the pavement is flooding once again. Might you be able to sort it out?”.

17 January 2019 from Cllr Currie “Thanks for the email. I share the frustration. I have been in touch with highways at LCC again and have asked it is dealt with as a priority”.

It’s a priority

17 January 2019 to Cllr Currie “Thank you. I hope they will deal with both the road gully and the narrow, blocked, pavement drainage gullies, that are unique to this part of the area. An inspection by you or another elected member for Aughton & Downholland would indicate how seriously the matter should be taken”.

12 March 2019, me to Cllr Currie “Good morning Cllr Currie. Were you to have the time to visit Town Green today you would see some flooding, yet again, of Town Green Lane adjacent to the Whalley Drive Junction; on the pavement outside the Surgery; on the once again broken up pavement on Granville Park at the entrance to the Co-op car park; and on Prescot Road junction adjacent to Town Green Lane.

“You would also see the road surface at that T-junction breaking up. The pavement on Prescot Road leading to the entrance to Footpath 25, where the safety barriers are erected, is in an appalling state with grimed in road debris and overgrown hedges that restrict pedestrians for single file walking, obstruct wheelchair users and parents pushing prams. The area directly by the entrance to the footpath is an appalling eyesore.

“Some of these issues have previously been reported to you. Nothing has happened. May I ask what it takes for this busy area to receive anything resembling services paid for by council tax and any attention from our three elected members?”

Co-op pavement/Granville Park

12 March 2019 from Cllr Currie “Many thanks for your email. I can confirm that I was in the area this morning and had been on the phone to Lancs County Council highways dept to report these flooding issues already. They will be sending somebody out soonest but as you’ll understand, there may be a backlog owing to the number of flooding issues faced across Lancashire. I will of course be chasing them up on it. I have copied in your other two elected members who I can assure you are fully aware of the issues faced and are pushing as hard as I am for the desired results that we all wish to see”.

12 March 2019 from Cllr O’Toole “Sam. Thank you for copying me in. I am at the LGA fire conference with limited access to LCC Internal system but will contact them as soon as possible. David”.

12 March 2019 me to Cllr Currie “Thank you. That was convenient timing for your visit. It isn’t just flooding though, its neglect of the Town Green area in general. I live in hopes of a successful intervention, and those who can do, will do! Unlike last time!”

Three useless elected members of WLBC, one of whom is LCC/Fire Service/LCC Special Allowance

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