Enough Of All This French Cheese And Wine Snobbery

Time to declare economic war on France.

I’m feeling bolshie today about what’s going on with Theresa May and the “parliament of pygmies”, and as historian David Starkey writes “Since what is Remain or the campaign for a Second Referendum but an attempt to ‘dissolve the people and elect another’? And where will it end? In another very British revolution? Or something nastier?” 

Anyway, my leave vote might have been wasted, but my spending power won’t be. 

Walk into any decent sized grocery store in France and head over to the cheese section. What you’ll see is a myriad of cheese varieties that will make your head spin. Brie. Camembert. Reblochon, blah blah, etc!

Now try to find English Cheddar cheese.

If you’re in a smallish town or outside Paris, look closely because you either won’t find any or you’ll see one single type, maybe two, of yellow aged cheddar cheese. Cheddar isn’t a popular cheese in France relative to the over 450 different cheeses produced and consumed in France on a regular basis.

Probably because it’s British.

Some French people don’t even know what Cheddar cheese tastes like while others jokingly suggest Cheddar is “fade” or “sans goût” tasteless, compared to Emmental, Camembert, Brie and Raclette, the cheeses most consumed in France. Perhaps it’s not their fault. They think Cheddar cheese is not a real cheese, which really means, they believe it’s beneath French standards.

I’m not buying any more French cheese 

I’m going to help the UK post Brexit economy. I’ll be buying from these amazing British products Cornish Yang, Wensleydale, Red Leicester, Lancashire, Stinking Bishop, Shropshire Blue, Lincolnshire Poacher, Gloucester, Sage Derby, Swaledale, Beacon Fell Lancashire, Blue Stilton, and Caerphilly to name just a few.

Same with wine

No more French Merlot for me. I’ll have “New World” Merlots from Napa Valley, Washington State, Argentina, Yellow Tail Australia, Hawke’s Bay New Zealand, anywhere but France. That’ll teach Macron to demand guaranteed French access to our fishing waters after we’ve left the crumbling EU! Why not join me?

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