Jarrow Re-visited

Yesterday, fishermen rallied to support #MarchToLeave. Britons MUST fight to make obnoxious MPs who’d shatter our democracy. Honour #Brexit. May’s deal is a continued dire threat to our fishing & whole country. Make your voice heard!

“In a great historical nod we passed the Jarrow church

where the 1930s Jarrow marchers started to London to highlight the working folk of Britain’s cry for politicians to listen. MPs must LISTEN & not thwart #Brexit.

“Tereason” May plunging to sick depths of national humiliation. Escorted in, summoned like a broken nation beaten in war. You’re a sick disgrace with no bottom to the shameless sell out of our nation you collude in. How did such a proud stubborn nation end up led by such quislings?

As soon as the Conservative Party under the leadership of Edward Heath

won the June 1970 general election, negotiations were opened up for our country to join the EEC. However, one of the problems he faced was the awkward fact that by then, the EEC had incorporated the Fisheries Regulation into the “acquis communautaire”, the Community acquis or acquis communautaire, sometimes called the EU acquis and often shortened to acquis, is the accumulated legislation, legal acts, and court decisions which constitute the body of European Union law. It allows for UK fish discards on a grand scale! 

Heath tricked the House of Commons, including the Leader of the Opposition, Harold Wilson into believing that the United Kingdom had obtained a derogation which would protect fishing interests when, as events have proved, he had not done so. Norway did understand the implications of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and voted against joining, a position they have maintained to this day and with consequent benefit to their fishing industry and, indeed, to their whole economy.

British companies sold their quotas 

Spanish firms own 88 per cent of Welsh fishing rights and most of the quota from the Bristol Channel to the Scottish border.


Dutch and Icelandic firms control most of our East Coast fishing. European seas are split into sectors and governments hand out quotas specifying how much of each type of fish can be caught. Unlike in other countries the Environment Department allows any or all of its quotas to be sold to foreign trawler firms.

Fisheries minister George Eustice resigned


“England and Wales have mismanaged their fishing quota and Brexit will do nothing to put it right” says law lecturer Tom Appleby.

Message to May

In July 1992 Ruth Albuquerque, a member of EC Fisheries Commissioner’s Cabinet, gave a speech in Shetland. She warned of far reaching changes because of Spain’s accession to the EU. Her language was unequivocal. The arrival of Spanish vessels would result in the loss of “tens of thousands” of fishermen’s jobs.

No one, however, believed her because of all the assurances of British Ministers that all was well. Until this point, for all the failings of the CFP, our fishing industry had not suffered too much, but a calamity was looming as the fishing jobs to go were British jobs. As far as is known, this lady was the only person to tell the truth so openly. By contrast, UK ministers and civil servants misled, deceived and distorted the facts, so as to ensure that the integration process rolled relentlessly and peacefully onwards.

When did things ever change?

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