What To Do With Police Horse Droppings

Apart from putting it around your rhubarb, that is? 

It seems that Otis Saroke of Ormskirk is averse to horse manure. He’s written to the Champion about it.

He doesn’t like police horses being in Ormskirk

as shown in this pic courtesy of QLocal

they are impractical and dangerous, there is danger of them going wild!! Think bucking broncos!

Horse manure, he writes, is an issue for the elderly population who cannot manoeuvre quickly to avoid it. He finds it hypocritical that leaving dogs’ excrement is an offence while leaving horse manure isn’t.

He does admit that it’s hard to clean up from the top of a horse, and concludes the horses are unnecessary and need to go. Or, in this day and age when extending telescopic brushes are available

every police horse person could have one in their saddlebags, extend and brush manure into gutter! There you go, problem solved. After all, horse manure is a recyclable resource, one not to be sniffed at!


2 thoughts on “What To Do With Police Horse Droppings”

    1. I expect the Champion was missing its usual Local Plan protest letters and had to fill the gap. But as praise for the Aughton Street planters was included surely that’s where the horse manure should go? Blooming lovely plants need nurturing.

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