Aughton In Revolt, Again!

Aughton in revolt?

We hope so. “This revolt is against the proposed “Substation on Sandy Lane” and will hopefully encourage other Aughton residents to support us in our objection to what we see as a blot on our beautiful rural landscape.

“We cannot know how this huge development will affect our environment but can only imagine unknown levels of noise and light pollution impacting both wildlife and residents negatively.

“We held a meeting last night ( we do that sometimes) and it would seem that we are fighting against the construction of a POWER-PLANT and not a substation. The enormity of this industrial construction is mind-boggling. This will absolutely have a devastating impact on our neighborhood, our property, wildlife, environment and our physical and mental health.

“The documented risks associated with living near such a structure include (not only) a doubling of the risk of childhood leukemia but the potential for explosion at the site as was seen more than once last year along the same line. This cannot be allowed to go any further . We want to protect our home and environment . NO to Sandy Lane “Substation” !! …..NO to Network Rail !!

2 thoughts on “Aughton In Revolt, Again!

  1. David Colin Draper

    Why should West lancashire be used by network (mersey) rail for the building of this generator and residents having to put up with all that goes with it when we don’t get the benefits of free rail travel for the elderly and disabled. There is a suitable site just south of Maghull North.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      It’s been 8 years since the shameful WLBC ending of the Travel Concession without any attempt to provide free use of off-peak trains, often empty trains, between West Lancashire and Liverpool. “Westleconomics” it was called, while the Tory council boozed free, council tax funded. As for the site you mention, it needs to be identified and proposed formally to those in authority.


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