Rosie Cooper Vote


Today in Parliament, West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper did NOT vote for a second EU referendum. She voted against it. It seems that Labour was split on the second referendum amendment today, with a total of 41 MPs rebelling against the instruction to abstain, 24 for the amendment and 17 against. One MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, registered an abstention by voting in both lobbies.

Rosie also voted for the Benn/Cooper amendment to allow MPs to debate a Brexit motion that could lead to Parliament holding a series of indicative votes on different Brexit options. (Amendment failed)

and For the Labour amendment to reject the PM’s deal and the idea of leaving without a deal. It also calls for an extension to Brexit talks to provide parliamentary time to find a majority for a different approach. (Amendment failed)

2 thoughts on “Rosie Cooper Vote

  1. localpoliticswatcher

    That’s better. MPs need to sort this not buck pass it, but our MP needs to stop saying No to No Deal and No to the PM’s deal. She needs to be putting forward a deal that we can all scrutinise.


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