Did You Know About The Conservative Facebook?

I received a message about the Conservative facebook

On it was a poster about knife crime.

Hmm, I thought, this could be interesting, there must be an election due soon. 

But the invective that followed is unbelievable

“I have voted Tory all my life but right now you’re a joke. Ur leader is pathetically weak. The in house fighting is a joke and quite frankly you and ALL the politicians in the House of Commons are unfit for purpose. You’re embarrassing beyond belief”.

“UKIP all the way never voting Conservative or Labour again.

“17.4 million got stabbed in the back last night”.

“From a life long Tory. Time to chuck the towel in after last night. As a previous comment indicated 17.4 million were stabbed in the back yesterday evening. Resign and call a general election. RIP democracy 13/3/19”.

“Never, ever again will I vote conservatives, traitors, you have stitched this country up, I hope that every person who voted leave vote for UKIP”.

“I am disgusted with the Conservative party – you are riven with disagreement. Today you have betrayed the 17 million who voted for Brexit. Today you have senselessly removed the only bargaining chip we had with the EU – let down by some of your own party members. I voted for you believing you would honour the referendum vote instead of which unspeakable traitors within your party have pulled every lever possible to sabotage Brexit.

“I regret you are no longer a credible government and I shall not vote Conservative again in a very long time if ever. You have done your part to destroy democracy and any last vestige of trust we might have had in political parties. You have one last chance to redeem things – by taking us out with no deal and I do not mean in 6 months or a years time. It is now or never. If you cannot do this then I fear you will have alienated the bulk of the people and we will be moving towards an angry and ungovernable public. Whilst you politicians play your little games and plot your plots as though you have all the time in the world the country is suffering with the uncertainty and business is moving out, cutting back and closing down. The responsibility lies solely with you. You asked for our vote in or out of the EU and we decisively instructed you to take us out. You have all failed us and we will not forget this and we will hold you all to account for it”.

And there was me thinking Labour had problems!


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