The Alliance Of British Entrepreneurs

We are ABE 

We give a voice to the pro-Brexit businesses and entrepreneurs of the UK. Together with a coalition of other Brexit groups, ABE commissioned polling last week- and it’s clear that the public just want to get on with #Brexit and leave by March 29th.


MPs should take note, and stop doing our country down. 39% of voters agree that British MPs put the EU’s interests above the interests of Britain. 

“The Alliance of British Entrepreneurs was founded in 2018 to represent the business owners, wealth creators and disruptors who believe that Britain can thrive and prosper as a sovereign, independent nation after Brexit.

“We are not-for-profit and are not affiliated to any political party. We exist solely to give pro-Brexit businesses across Britain, regardless of size, a mouthpiece.

“We believe in an outward looking, free trading Britain with an independent seat at the global negotiating table.

“If you believe in the opportunities a Global Britain holds, want to see increased Government preparation for trading on WTO terms and want to have a seat at the table to discuss post Brexit trade policy”,

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