OWLs Email Bulletin 14

From Our West Lancashire
Date: 13 March 2019

Subject: Local Plan Review – Email Bulletin 14

All, the Local Plan Review is to be completely reworked. Last night at the Council Cabinet meeting, the very same senior Labour councillors who last September ignored 150 local residents who turned up to protest the proposals finally ditched them – at least for now.

The motion they passed was “That the Local Delivery Scheme be amended to allow time for the reconsideration of the proposed Local Plan timescale and for the preparation of and consultation on a new Local Plan Preferred Options.”

This will delay the whole process for some months and put us back to the stage that was consulted upon last autumn. Cllr John Hodson has resigned as Planning Portfolio Holder.

This is our press statement on this matter

Our West Lancashire, who have been saying since last August that the local plan proposals were ill-conceived and should be halted have welcomed the news that the Labour-run Council will go back to the drawing board on the Local Plan.

Cllr Adrian Owens

said “Labour will paint themselves as ‘responsive to local concerns’ in light of this U-turn, but we would remind residents that these ‘preferred options’ were put together in secrecy by the Labour leadership. This failed scheme has now been abandoned, at great expense (up to £300k and counting), when faced with a rout at the ballot box. Residents should use their vote in the local elections in May to really force a change of direction from WLBC and despatch their out of touch representatives post haste”.

Our West Lancashire, Putting residents first and foremost

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