Cllr John Bullock, Sadness With Pride

“The entity acquiring the land is essentially passing the wealth of the Borough to a separate legal personality in which we may or may not have tools of control (to be tested – hopefully not in a court of law) [Think Beacon Golf Club]”…[Think Serco/Oakland Golf and Leisure/landfill scam and disruption of Seniors Competition Golf!

“At Full Council on 27 February after several speakers expressing concerns I had my opportunity to say as follows. -Rebuttal to proposal at Full Council 27/2/19 presented by Cllr.John Bullock-

“I too with a heavy heart decided, as others have, for the first time not to vote with the Party Whip. I am a Practising Accountant of near thirty years of experience and whilst I understand the reasons Why (Austerity), the administration needs to consider revenue raising strategies I do not accept the recommendation of the portfolio holder that Councillors should not serve on the Board.

“It’s a complete dereliction of duty to our residents to say vote us in but we don’t want to represent you on a Council run private entity. What will the electorate think –‘Who needs Councillors when the Councillors themselves don’t want to sit on the top table where the decisions are being made.’

It will become a master and lap dog relationship!

Sit – good boy – stay!

“Why, I ask myself, is the portfolio holder making this recommendation. Is it because the Officers didn’t trust the portfolio holder or was it perhaps the portfolio holder didn’t trust the Officers or maybe simply the portfolio holder didn’t trust herself to make the right decisions.

“Who is the winner in all this I keep asking myself? Well, of course it’s the Officers. If the development company is a success they will take the plaudits not the elected councillor because he is not there. If it’s a failure the residents will blame the cabinet for not having their hand on the tiller when the ship went down.

“Whatever political party you represent and regardless of your stature in this chamber you have a voice and if it’s not heard you are voting as a politician to remove the politics from this chamber and in doing so you are rendering its purpose as impotent. I implore you to vote against and represent the people as a Councillor on the Board of their own company”.

“I was threatened with deselection

for raising this matter in group and that’s exactly what has happened but I stand proud in my decision for seeking representation on this Board being developed with Council Tax funds”.

Cllr.John Bullock
Chair of Executive Overview & ScrutinyUpholland

Chair of Scrutiny & Overview.
FFA Fellow of the Institute of Accountants
FPA Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants

Clearly Cllr Bullock is not for sitting!

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