Ask A Clear Question, Receive An Irrelevant Answer

Just how often is parliamentary time wasted by stupid answers to clear questions of major importance to the public? One such event occurred yesterday when Rosie Cooper asked about children’s services here in West Lancashire.

“To ask the Secretary of State for Education, what provisions are in place to ensure a sustainable future for children’s services in West Lancashire”.

Nadhim Zahawi Parliamentary Under Secretary for Education

“Funding for children’s services is made available through the Local Government Finance Settlement. We are in the final year of a multi-year settlement deal – worth over £200 billion in the 5 years to 2020.

“At the Autumn Budget 2018, the government made £410 million available to local authorities, in 2019/20, for adult and children social care. The government also announced £84 million in targeted, evidence-based interventions which will transform services to reduce demand, saving money for local authorities but most importantly, improving the quality of services for our most vulnerable children.

“The Department for Education is working closely with Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government on the review of relative needs and resources to develop a robust, up-to-date approach to funding distribution for children’s services at local government finance settlements.

“The government will continue to work closely with the sector to consider long-term children’s services funding as part of the upcoming Spending Review”.

Out and out bullshit!

How is that reply informative of the services for children in West Lancashire? How much of the £494 million will come to services in West Lancashire. We really do have some second rate jobsworth MPs in authority over us. 

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