Posted by: westlancashirerecord | March 4, 2019

Brexit Bribe Or Brexit Dividend?

Brexit bribe or Brexit dividend?

Hearing about this £1.6bn government fund which has been launched to boost less well-off towns in England after Brexit begs the question, bribe or dividend? 

The pot is split into £1bn, divided in England using a needs-based formula, and £600m communities can bid for. Over 7 years its a drop in the ocean.

More than half of the money, to be spread over those seven years, will go to the north of England and the Midlands. Labour called it a bribe to influence MPs to back the PM’s Brexit deal and critics say it does not cover cuts to local authority funding.

But do MPs, particularly Labour members, need to be bribed to vote according to the promise they made in their manifestos?

What will Rosie Cooper MP do?

Will she assume this is the start of the Brexit dividend, the amount we shouldn’t be paying to leave the corrupt UE? She can immediately apply for cash for Skelmersdale, which is crying out for investment to transform it.

Projects mentioned are de-industrialised towns, which meets the demands of some Labour MPs, who say regeneration funding tends to go to big cities. The funding will go to specific projects like a new railway station. Isn’t that an absolute no brainer for Rosie Cooper to apply for?

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