What’s In A Promise?

What’s in a promise? Depends who made it?

As we all know, the Referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union in the West Lancashire Voting Area on Thursday 23 June 2016 was declared as “Leave The European Union 35,323, and Remain A Member Of The European Union 28,546”. Turnout: 74%. By a strange quirk of history Rosie Cooper received her biggest endorsement as our Labour MP with 32,030, 58.9% of votes cast, on her party manifesto that promised “Labour accepts the referendum result and a Labour government will put the national interest first”. Not Parliament first!

Historically there have been bigger turnouts for general elections. 1983, 74.4%, 1987 79.7%, 1992 82.6%, 1997 74.6%, but then a few years of dramatic drops to 50/60ish, and then back to 70+ for the past two elections. All of which might indicate the volatility of the divisions in Skelmersdale, strongly Labour, with Ormskirk and the surrounding rural and agricultural towns and villages being more inclined to vote Conservative.

In 2014, both areas saw UKIP gaining votes. Although UKIP were described as having only paper candidates in the 2014 local elections, they finished second to Labour in Ashurst, Skelmersdale South, Tanhouse, Up Holland, as well as second behind only to the Conservatives in Aughton Park, North Meols, and also third in Aughton & Downholland, Burscough East, Burscough West,Newburgh, and Parbold. UKIP garnered over 3,500 votes, and what’s that saying “from little acorns mighty oaks do grow”?

Yes, what’s that saying “from little acorns mighty oaks do grow”?

The signs were there, that the EU was considered by West Lancastrians to be divisive. The country followed and the 2016 referendum proved it. In 26 days the UK by law should be free. But the “Remain” parliament is ignoring the 17,410,742 who legally voted for their “Leave” preference. Shame on this parliament.

The Labour manifesto states “Labour is pro-trade and pro-investment. The UK’s future prosperity depends on minimising tariff and non-tariff barriers that prevent us from exporting and creating the jobs and economic growth we need. Labour is committed to the rules-based international trading system of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)”.

Prove it?

2 thoughts on “What’s In A Promise?

  1. localpoliticswatcher

    Rosie Cooper has always been honourable and so her mind should be crystal clear at the moment.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      She is a good constituency MP, just ask the Senior Golfers at Beacon Park Golf Course, where the landfill scandal needs a full public inquiry now that Serco have admitted taking royalties that were to be for the Leisure Trust. Her work for elderly and disabled people and the Whitemoss case have been exemplary.


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