LCC Causes Outrage By Retaining Party Political Funding

LCC Independent Cllr Paul Greenall addressed the Council on Thursday

Indeed, why should the public pay for these party activities? Cllr Greenall wants to see special political allowances for the whips and secretaries of the Tory and Labour groups stopped. The Tory whip receives £4,483 and the secretary receives the same. The Labour whip and secretary each receive £2,989. No austerity there then?


2 thoughts on “LCC Causes Outrage By Retaining Party Political Funding”

  1. C Cllr Greenall is quite right. This is a matter of principle. The taxpayer should not fund these party political positions.

    1. We need to press these people to fund their own party activities. Why should we, many of us pensioners under attack now by the BBC to stop our TV licence we funded most of our lives, and recently the pensions of police pensioners by the Police and Crime Commissioner, be forced to pay on demand?

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