What To Make Of Significant Changes To The Local Plan?

Roger Clayton is the secretary of South Lathom Residents’ Association.

On 31 March 2003, a public meeting was held by local residents to discuss the need for local representation, and a working group was set up to consider the available options. At a second meeting held on 1 July 2003, it was agreed to petition for the formation of a parish council. Lathom South Parish Council was established in May 2007.

Mr Clayton’s Champion Letter


urges residents to be sceptical of the pledge of significant changes to the Local Plan. He may have a point. Despite political assurances of “we are responding to residents’ views” and “this is a process of public consultation and we are listening” Mr Clayton doesn’t see much change from “being seriously misled at the beginning of the public consultation period” and that consequently “every statement made by supposedly responsible people has to be taken with a considerable pinch of salt”.

Mr Clayton sees problems with people in positions of power, that maybe the council’s officers are making the decisions and their theoretical bosses have abandoned control. Or, he muses, maybe the political bosses are playing a double game? Does he mean they are being two-faced, or double-dealing? Surely not!

He does suggest that “All that is clear now is that the residents of West Lancashire should exercise a good deal of scepticism about the public statement that are being, and have been made”. No argument with that?


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