Brexit Supporters Seem Determined To Destroy Futures Of Young Voters?

David Pryer of Parbold makes the claim in Champion Letters.

But is that true? I’m unaware that being a supporter of Brexit made me a decision maker? All I did was vote and thereafter my vote has been endlessly attacked by malcontents.

Mr Pryer claims “only 17 million Brits voted to quit Europe from a total population of 66 million”. They didn’t, they were 17,410,742 and they voted to leave the EU not Europe, which is in general a delightful continent apart from when it’s at war!

Mr Pryer also claims “Fellow Europeans who thought they had a future here were not even allowed to vote”. They don’t need to worry, they were told “If you’re an EU citizen, you and your family will be able to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021. If your application is successful, you’ll get either settled or pre-settled status”. And, do bear in mind, that in Luxembourg, home of Jean-Claude Juncker the EU protagonist, 48% of those who live there were not allowed a ballot-paper. Under current rules, voting is compulsory for Luxembourgish nationals who are under 75, but residents who are not citizens cannot take part in national elections. But they ARE taxed. Fancy being one of the disenfranchised taxpayers in national elections?

Mr Pryer also claims that “young voters voted 70% to remain and it is their futures that the likes of Rosie Cooper, Damien Moore, and Jim Sharpe seem determined to destroy”. But young voters could vote, and just as in every election their candidate either won or lost. Is that so surprising?

Finally, Mr Pryer suggests “It would be great to think that next year we’ll put as much effort into celebrating 75 years of peace in Europe as recently went into commemorating every battle of a war of 100 years ago. Now that would be a surprise result”. We didn’t celebrate every battle, we commemorated lives lost in those battles. It’s why we have a National service of Remembrance, and long may it continue.

2 thoughts on “Brexit Supporters Seem Determined To Destroy Futures Of Young Voters?

  1. stodgey

    Interesting letter. Full to the brim with the usual remainer tropes. The old numbers trick, quoting 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit out of a population of 66 million – that’s the total population of the UK. 17.4 million from 66 million leaves 48.6 million – all of whom would have voted remain, obviously. All those remainer voting day-old babies, remainer voting Beano-reading 8 year olds, remainer voting life-term mass murderers and remainer voting asylum committed lunatics.

    And all those young people who have apparently had their entire futures stolen by us selfish, Departure-Lounge inhabiting old crusties. I know how they feel – in 1975, as a 22 year old young ‘un I had my future stolen when my vote to come ‘OUT’ of the EEC was lost by the then remain crowd. Unlike the losers of the ’16 referendum, I accepted the result of the ’75 referendum with a shrug of the shoulders; such a pity Mr Pryer and his in-denial friends don’t seem to have the maturity that I had then.

    And then there’s the oblique reference of the EU being responsible for 75 years of peace in Europe. Mr Pryer has a short memory – he seems to have forgotten Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus in the 70’s, the bloody, decade-long Yugoslavia war in the 90’s and the civil war in the Ukraine which started in 2014. That conflict was aggravated by the EU courting the Ukraine by dangling a preferred status trade package with a view for them to eventually join the EU as a fully fledged member…. a prospect which the neighbouring Russians found intolerable.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Agree 100%. Perhaps the Champion ought to obtain proof of age and then publish it along with names of letter writers, just to show us some degree of maturity? Mind you, I think most 8 year old Beano readers in my day, that would be 1947, seem from memory to have been more intelligent than some of todays “grown-ups”?


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