Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 28, 2019

Do You Recognise Yourself Below?

From Labour MP and former Shadow Cabinet member Owen Smith yesterday

He observed in Parliament that “Brexit is exacerbating underlying problems in our society. It is a racist, xenophobic, right-wing, reactionary project, and we in the Labour Party should be fighting against it with every sinew of our being”.

And he tweeted it too. @OwenSmith_MP “Brexit is exacerbating underlying problems in our society; it is a racist, xenophobic, right-wing reactionary project…”

But in May 2018 Smith wrote on his own “Observer” website

“That isn’t to say that I don’t both understand and respect the opinion of all of my constituents who voted to Leave. I do. In fact, with hindsight, it seems to me to be obvious that Leave would get a big total –a winning total in many communities like ours in England and Wales. Because ours are the sort of working class communities that have been hardest hit by decades of de-industrialisation and disinvestment, and where politics, under all parties, has been seen as failing to restore the jobs and opportunities, the wealth and the community cohesion that we saw in earlier generations. And Brexit was a chance for people to express their anger at this state of affairs – especially, perhaps, in Labour-voting areas like ours, where we have seen Tory Cuts have such an impact in recent years”.

Well, what part of “understand and respect” does he mean by that disgraceful accusation? He certainly provides enough evidence for the political swamp to be drained? After all, he also published and leaves on his website “Please rest assured that I will continue to speak out for what I believe is right, and in the best interests of our Country”. Honest politics my arse!

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