Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 27, 2019

Adonis, Missing In action?

No respect for democracy by Adonis?

The political blogger Paul Staines, aka Guido Fawkes

has reported that “Peers were surprised when Lord Adonis failed to turn up to table his own motion designed to kill a piece of the Government’s no deal legislation late on Monday night.

“It turns out Adonis failed to show as he was busy delivering a “what if” lecture in the Speaker’s House on his personal hero Roy Jenkins. All very well but how is Adonis ever going to succeed in his crusade to stop Brexit if he’s blowing off opportunities to derail no deal laws in favour of self-aggrandising speaking events?”.

Apparently Adonis did say of Jenkins “I have not the slightest doubt that Roy would have been uncompromisingly against Brexit, which is the undoing of much of his life’s work, and that belief motivates me every day in resisting Brexit”. 

It appears to be confirmation Adonis clings to the coat tails of others when expounding these anti-democratic views. 


  1. The man’s on a vanity project. Never held elected office.

    • He is. Why do so many people like him find their way into political favour? Just a well educated journalist, nothing special to offer, and there he is, inflicting his bile on others. Truly shocking.

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