How Adonis Packed Them In, All 70 Of Them.


Statistics can prove everything or nothing. Peoples’ Vote West Lancashire only had three days notice that Lord Adonis was to speak in Ormskirk. And 70 people turned up. That equates to 23 people per day, not a great success rate. Perhaps people are sick and tired of the incessant bombardment by the political elite to deny the democratic leave vote?

The poster advertising EU Remainer Lord Adonis and his rally at the Civic was apparently enough to rouse 70 remainers to hear his great speech. Put into context, Rosie Cooper received 32.030 votes to be elected in 2017, out of circa 54,000 votes cast, and circa 64,000 voted in the referendum, with more voting to leave than voted for Rosie Cooper. 74.4% and 74% turnouts.

As Roger Blaxall of the excellent QLocal reported

“Speaking to a packed room of 70 people at The Civic, he insisted that Brexit can be stopped and that a public vote is needed because politicians can’t decide.

“Lord Adonis made a very powerful case for the benefits of the EU including the opportunity for young people to live and work in 27 countries without restriction, the economic benefits of the single market and the peace dividend from being in the EU at a time of international instability. And he was very clear about the risk of a return to violence if a hard border is created on the island of Ireland.

“Ken Lamden, volunteer team leader for People’s Vote West Lancashire told QLocal this morning “It’s not every day that a such a senior politician comes to Ormskirk. We only had three days’ notice of the visit and thanks to social media we were able to attract 70 people to the Civic Hall.

“The fact that 70 people gave up their Saturday afternoon at short notice to attend a political meeting shows the strength of feeling for a People’s Vote. Many people are not prepared to accept the defeatist argument that we should just get on with it because of the damage Brexit will cause to Britain”. Poll victory was due to a defeatist argument? What am I missing?

Perhaps the nub of the matter is what Adonis claimed

“A public vote is needed because politicians can’t decide”. Why is that relevant now? The people decided, which is what the law required. What Adonis really means is that the people don’t matter when it comes to what the establishment chooses. 

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