Posted by: westlancashirerecord | February 24, 2019

And You Thought We Have Council Green Belt Problems?

From the Wirral Leaks website “Urgent!!

Please Help save our Green Belt…give one hour on Monday, February 25th, there will be an Extraordinary Council Meeting in Wallasey Town Hall. It’s a FULL council meeting, to discuss and vote upon threatened development in Wirral’s beautiful Green Belt.

We urge every resident caring about the environment and their Green Belt to attend this meeting from 5pm, to show opposition to unnecessary Council Plans to release Green Belt for Development, of an unwanted Golf Resort and the wrong number and type of housing, built in the wrong places, in beautiful Green Belt rather than areas requiring rejuvenation, being available and more suitable.

We urge every Wirral resident to attend this meeting – it will affect YOU. WE are: Wirral Green Space Alliance (WGSA), an alliance of 20 Wirral community and environmental groups – see list at end -who came together to fight the threat posed by the Group controlling the Council, arguing for a different, feasible and legal approach having shown that: There IS another way.

Government is NOT “forcing” the Council to build a huge number of homes –But Government does insist ALL Councils work out their own Local Need, and then compare their own assessment of ‘Housing Need’ with that derived from the ‘Standard Formula’, citing any ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Other Councils have succeeded but Wirral won’t try, seeking higher income from Green Belt Housing. In a recent letter to the Council, James Brokenshire (Secretary of State) also highlighted: Wirral is one of just 11 councils (out of 338) to be in breach of the Act; Wirral has “consistently failed” to meet key milestones on at least six occasions; Wirral is not an area where there is high housing pressure; and Wirral has made the least progress recently, of any council, in adopting a ‘Local Plan’.

Yet Wirral seems determined, despite recent warm words, to drive forward its policy, and has appointed the country’s top property Barrister at £135,000 initially and Liverpool University to discredit the Alliance’s alternative approach which, under ANY scenario, shows that releasing Green Belt is unnecessary.

Clearly, the Council think their own Case is so weak as to need such an extreme and expensive defence. But, we are unlikely to change the Council’s current approach without wider support, starting with a peaceful show of wishes and determination by people standing together n significant number outside Wallasey Town Hall from 5pm on Monday, 25th February for just one hour whilst the Councillors assemble for this significant Meeting.

Such a peaceful show of ‘People Power’ was highly successful when the same Administration wished to close most of our local Libraries; and it might just convince enough of the ruling Party’s Councillors to vote against Green Belt release. All other Parties’ Councillors are committed to oppose the release and development of Wirral’s Green Belt.

Please don’t leave it to others, as they may be leaving it to you!! There is ample car parking in the vicinity of the Town Hall. For further information about this event or the non-political ‘Alliance’ of Groups working hard together to produce an alternative ‘Local Plan’ which doesn’t include loss of Wirral’s Green Belt, you are welcome to contact representatives of the Groups involved: WGSA 20 current Member Groups: The Wirral Society and CPRE (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, Lancs); Barnston Conservation Society; Caldy Society CAW (Conservation Areas Wirral); Defend Wirral Green & Open Spaces (DWGOS); Eastham Village Preservation Assoc; Frankby Conservation Assoc. Greasby Community Assoc; Heswall Society; Irby, Thurstaston & Pensby Amenity Society (ITPAS); Mountwood & Bebington Assoc; Saughall Massie Village Conservation Area Soc; Stop Hoylake Golf Resort Action Group (SHGRAG); Storeton Residents Assoc; Thornton Hough Community Trust; Wirral Barn Owl Trust; Wirral Footpaths and Open Spaces Preservation Society; Wirral Ramblers; Graham Stevens (Statistician); Prof. David Gregg (Statistician and Modeller).

Please help us with this next step and copy in your own Contacts. Many thanks in anticipation.

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