Adonis Really Excited To Be In Ormskirk, Who Wouldn’t Be?

Adonis “On Merseyrail from Liverpool to Ormskirk on my 4 hour journey from London to speak at first anti-Brexit meeting of the day; then on to Preston for evening meeting. My first time in Ormskirk; really excited”. With Disraeli in Ormskirk. Alas, his ‘one nation’ Conservatism now dead!

Councillor for the Socialist Republic of Bickerstaffe. Paul Cotterill‏

@Bickerrecord Replying to @Andrew_Adonis “You should be, mate. Only town in England with a full tower and spire in same church

and only 50 metres from your speaking place. Life doesn’t get much more exciting than that. Anyway, I’ll see you there, with a very specific Q if you don’t mind”.

@VoteWest all chairs taken in a full house

at the Launch of People’s Vote West Lancashire while Lord Adonis is speaking. Well done PV West Lancashire! Thank you @Andrew_Adonis for your inspiring words!

Extreme crap!

Adonis ‘The European Union is the greatest international venture for peace, prosperity and freedom in the history of civilisation’ my British Academy lecture on the case for Britain in Europe, ICYMI”. Inspiring? Unbelievable crap! Freedom? Go lecture somewhere else! 

Latest poll results

If we had a second Referendum tomorrow how would you vote? Just interested to see if there has been any dramatic shift, bearing in mind all the shenanigans of the last couple of years. Poll records “Remain and still remain 21%; Remainer now leaver 9%; Leaver now remainer 3%; Leaver and still leaver 67%. From a poll of 11,708 voters”. Hardly surprising, the EU is not our partner or our friend. It has shown itself in “negotiations” to be a vengeful and a hostile foreign power that wants the UK to fail.

‘Let Europe Arise’: Britain in Europe. Andrew Adonis, British Academy, 12th December 2018. 
‘Where there is no vision, the people perish’, the Book of Proverbs tells us. We haven’t been over-endowed with European vision of late, so as a pro-European who just took for granted that we would stay in the EU two years ago, and carelessly said and did little about it, I want to help try and put that right”.

Nothing to put right! The democratic process of this nation got it right by simple majority, the usual and legal method. 


2 thoughts on “Adonis Really Excited To Be In Ormskirk, Who Wouldn’t Be?”

  1. Absolutely gutted I missed this. Didn’t realise he was in town, otherwise I’d have been there. Adonis really, REALLY gets right up my nose – once, on Twitter, I asked him a perfectly reasoned polite question about why, if he didn’t recognise the first referendum result, he would recognise the result of the second? Rather than answer the question, he blocked me.

    I notice he’s been travelling the country (who’s paying for that then, Soros?) with two other talentless publicity junkie wilting flowers, namely the self-styled remainer super hero, ‘EU Supergirl’ & some perennial ‘student’ called ‘Femi’ – presumably they were there also?

    1. He’s possibly funded by rich referendum rerun campaigner Roland Rudd, brother of Amber, and he chairs the PR company Finsbury and is also chair of the so-called People’s Vote campaign. “People” voted to leave the EU, some political pygmies just don’t accept democracy when it didn’t give them the result they wanted. Your question about the result of a second referendum is probably too difficult for him to contemplate. He’s a lord of the realm. God help us all for that!

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