Adonis In Cooper Territory Arguing For What Rosie Doesn’t Want?

Andrew Adonis, who will speak in Ormskirk today

apparently appointed himself as chief cheerleader for the campaign to stop Brexit, and tweeted to deliver his verdict on how he thought momentum towards a second referendum had grown beyond all doubt.

Adonis was an academic and a journalist who was never elected but one of the “chosen men” who worked for Blair and Brown by being made a Peer. He once wrote a book about the British class system, presumably from the view point of experience and of originally being a Liberal Democrat?

Brexit in its death throes?

On Brexit, he wrote for the New European “I don’t have direct experience, but from my increasingly frequent observation as a 55-year-old, there is no such thing as a ‘good death’. Just death, which is always horrible and sometimes horrendous in its final stages. Brexit is no exception. We are clearly in the death throes. Morbid symptoms are overwhelming. The ‘last chance’ operation had to be cancelled before Christmas because the patient wasn’t well enough.

“There were hopes that Dr Merkel would offer a more favourable second opinion after the country GP, Jean-Claude, and the in-house surgeon, Barnier, pronounced the case hopeless. A big attempt was made to persuade Theresa, the adoptive parent with power of attorney, to transfer poor Brexit to a hospice with the attractive name ‘People’s Hope’. All of which sums up the disdain Adonis has for his country and in particular 17, 410,742 of its residents.

Islington speaks for the country?

It seems not everyone is convinced that the example he used would really help his cause. In the 2016 referendum, Islington was one of the top five strongholds for Remain in the entire country, with 75.2% of voters opting for Britain to stay put in the EU. It seems that in the years since, in Islington at least, little has changed. So if Adonis really is looking for a ‘representative group of Labour members who don’t want to stop Brexit’, he might want to look a little harder than north London?

Be careful what you wish for

Diane Abbott has a stark warning for those clamouring for a second referendum: be careful what you wish for. The Labour MP’s warning won’t go down well with those from the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign, who desperately need the support of the Labour party if their wish is to come true. On Nick Robinson’s podcast, Abbott was asked what would happen if another vote took place. Here’s what she said, “If you want a second referendum, be careful what you wish you for. People will vote leave again and ask why you didn’t listen to them the first time”.

Adonis goes on “However, all is not lost. I have seen a copy of Brexit’s will. It gives explicit instructions that there are to be no funeral or eulogies. “I realise I have been a cause of much pain and grief,” it reads. “But I am part of a proud and prosperous European family. I know I was a rebel but the truth is that through this severe illness we all came to realise that, after all, Europeans are a good and wise people. I want my friends and relations to be reconciled to them and make the best of their lives”.

A prosperous European family? With one country in surplus, Germany, now in recession? Like bankrupt Greece and its unbelievably high unemployed youth situation? If Adonis speaks about Juncker, Barnier, and Merkel today, we can only wonder how the West Lancashire Leavers will react?

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