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Rosie Cooper And The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

Prime Minister Edward Heath January 1973 “There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe [the Common Market] we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears, I need hardly say, are completely unjustified”. Dishonesty personified, we sacrificed everything!

Rosie Cooper 2015 Statement on European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

As long ago as 2011 Rosie Cooper voted for a referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union, a vote which was lost. But in 2016, recalling the West Lancashire Referendum result, Leave 35,323 Remain 28,546, the will of the people was made clear.

On 7 Dec 2016 Rosie voted in favour of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union and in favour of starting the process by 31 March 2017.

Brexit is happening

And on 15th September, 2017 Rosie said “Let me be clear – Brexit is happening, don’t let anyone try to fool you on that. I voted in favour of holding a referendum, I voted in favour of triggering Article 50, and I will continue to vote to represent the will of West Lancashire residents.

“This Bill is about how we leave the EU, and I could not agree to the power grab where Theresa May and the Tories were trying to take decisions away from Parliament and concentrating it in their own hands.

“We voted to leave the European Union to put power and law-making back in the hands of the British people, not to hand it over to a Tory Cabinet, making decisions behind closed doors. It would be very dangerous to give the Prime Minister a blank cheque before we see what deal can be done.

“I will continue to vote to ensure Brexit progresses as per the timetable set out, and will scrutinise this Bill when it comes back before Parliament to safeguard our current vital rights and protections.”

Quite how Rosie thought decisions might be taken away from Parliament is unclear. There have been votes galore. According to “Rosie Cooper generally voted for more EU integration. On 21 Nov 2017 she voted to retain the general principles of EU law derived from EU treaties, direct EU legislation, EU directives and European Court of justice case law, as part of UK law after the UK leaves the EU”. Did that mean Rosie was back-sliding on representing the will of West Lancashire residents?

Selective Democracy

The Tory MP John Redwood writes “The MPs that are defecting to the Independent group do not get on well with democracy. They all dislike the result of the People’s vote in 2016. They now wish to change their views on big issues, compared to the Labour and Conservative Manifesto platforms they stood on in 2017. If they are keen on democracy and a People’s vote, they should offer themselves for election in a series of by elections soon”.

Just for clarity, there is no recorded incident of an elected MP suggesting the “people” might like to reconsider changing their vote. Believing manifesto promises must be like fools paradise now in at least 11 constituencies? Will that eventually be the case in West Lancashire too?



  1. “Let me be clear – Brexit is happening, don’t let anyone try to fool you on that. I voted in favour of holding a referendum, I voted in favour of triggering Article 50, and I will continue to vote to represent the will of West Lancashire residents.”

    Let’s be clear as well, our MP needs to hold to that statement in next week’s votes.

    • She does. She may repeat the mantra of “I won’t vote for them to be poorer”, but that’s arguable anyway. Project fear!

  2. She voted to trigger Article 50: She respects the referendum result. Therefore, she has only two options either support the best (only) deal available -whatever deal the Prime Minister presents and put aside silly party politics or work to prepare the country to leave without the divorce deal at all on March 29th.

    • I believe she will honour her acceptance of the referendum result. Not that I am a good judge of character when politics is concerned. I do believe she should look at unemployment. Before we joined in 1973 we had 3.7% unemployment.Then we joined and it doubled, and now we are leaving it’s plummeting back to 3.7%. Coincidence?

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