Save Free TV For Older People

75,000 and growing

Thank you if you are one of the amazing 75,000 people who have signed our petition to save free TV for older people. I wanted to update you on the progress we’ve made since you signed the petition.

We’re gaining momentum with the campaign but to be successful, we’ll really need to keep the pressure on in the coming weeks. Please keep an eye out for emails!

Our petition is working

At Prime Minister’s Questions last week, Theresa May was challenged  by Rosie Cooper MP

on her manifesto promise to keep TV licences free for the over 75s. And she admitted how important the free licences are.

Now, the media is listening

We’ve managed to get coverage of the issue in all of the major papers over the past few weeks, and The Mirror is now running a campaign in partnership with us.

We delivered your views to the BBC last week. Age UK supporters took a staggering 6,000 handwritten cards and 3,500 of your emails to the BBC to be considered as part of their consultation on the issue.

Thank you again for standing up for older people. Together we can save free TV for over 75s. The petition is still open, click below to sign.

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